What untapped potential is there for universities and Open Access publishing initiatives to provide each other with mutual benefit and support? This is a question that has stayed with me since the end of a small workshop that I organised in late July, funded jointly by the Institute for Social Futures and the Centre for Invention and Social Process.

In recent years, the landscape of academic publishing has been shaken up the demands, coming from a range of directions, to render academic knowledge more ‘open’ – that is, more readily accessible, within, and crucially beyond, a global scholarly community. While an ideal of openness may not be an infallible ethical and practical guide, its impact has been unquestionably significant. It has been felt particularly keenly in the world of journal publishing, with an explosion in free to access journals alongside an increasing pressure from central government and funders for academics to make sure their journal publications are, if not immediately then at least at some point, made open to a wider public.

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