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What is a “Smart University”

“Smart University” is the holistic approach covering the following 8 strategic cores related to university ecosystem:

  1. Smart Campus: buildings, infrastructure, networks, energy, roads, green technologies, security,  sustainability, etc.
  2. Smart Education: lectures/notes, textbooks, libraries, e-learning tools, online education, exams, etc.
  3. Smart Research: labs, programs, international cooperation, research tools, conferences, publications, patents, etc.
  4. Smart People: students, professors, staff and employees, leaders and executives, advisers and consultants,etc.
  5. Smart Quality: quality assurance in teaching, research, impact, processes, procedures, etc.
  6. Smart Recruitment: attracting the best talent, student, staff, professionals, academics, leaders, etc.
  7. Smart Governance: management, budgeting, policies, registration, appointments, reporting, data analytics, etc.
  8. Smart Influence:  community, businesses, government, international, patents, online presence, global citizens, etc.

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